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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2014 3:00am-3:31am PST

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second-story that's not an important question but the same is a true of issues regarding the childcare and dogs designing the 0 development would be the proper place to be prepared or part of the development agreement obviously but the design for development and in also there's again co-lateral agreements you know there's not part of the eir there's the eir the maximum impact that could be has to be analyzed this is the largest the project can possible be if an agreement is made with a neighborhood or co-lateral group or smaller or known to have mitigating circumstances to satisfy the group that didn't
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necessarily gait the argument could be a reasonable one but once the eir is established nothing can steady or addressed to it but things could be subtracted that's my feeling and that's my general summarization. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much i would also think supportive of an extension of the comment period we had another eir for the defendant project that has been extended so i'll be in favor of where the potrero hill eir would have been where the public hearing that was december 1, '67 so anyways that's not a motion or anything
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but, move on so i want to get to my comments been the eir first, i understand and emphasize and agree with the comments about looking at income level to afford the apartments but i totally am in a place i don't know that has a place in the eir and this needs to be the place to set the precedent especially because we have a development but i'll say i'm not sure based on my reading of the analysis that supports the eir that we everything really is there is a lens significant impact on the housing unit demand given that 70 percent of the units in the proposed residential easiest are
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studios and one bedrooms so i don't think i would love this to be part of my written comments when the next final eir hearing it okay i think that there should be clearer aisle of the analysis that supports the housing units demanded i tried to find it again, the boundary the eir what's the demand for larger unit sizes and will that be spread it out to the rest of the city and county in the region he want to see that clarified in the housing impact analysis not in the eir itself the second thing i wanted to mention was the transit impacts now didn't
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this is one of those things it's an order of operation there was no mention of the fact there was strong discussion about howard street and fulsome street being two ways to probably sixth street or so, so this has a huge impact either good or bad on the projects because we're not considering the 5 m part of the selma plan that will at least attach on what happens it if that happens there's needs to be i don't know if there's some acknowledgment there's nothing official or in the discussions i want to make my written comments i want response to the possibility of howard and fulsome street being two ways and what that does to pedestrian and bicycle traffic and the
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other thing i also was a little bit the analysis again, the support of the eir i'm not sure that i agree that there's a less than sixth impact on pedestrian and transit and bicycle circulations with a cumulative impact of the buildings in the area but yet there is a sixth impact with just construction because i feel like when there's construction people knows about it and they work their way around it for example, on ninth street i go up 7th and people tend to do that but ion a regular basis people are going to avoid the area and with the
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central subway there's jog going to be a cumulative impact i want to see more discussion at least a response to the written comments and see if it needs to, incorporated into the final eir and again go back to my comments this last preservation i want to see a discussion of the boundary in the eir that's the envelope within which the commission and the department and the mayor's office can work for negotiating what is in the envelope and if there's options within the air portions of the bridge other options of the ingress and egress that shows up that should be mentioned in the eir so people feel this is not me this is how we get how things work but community discussion we get in trouble when people feel like
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the eir is different than the project when you already know from the beginning there's a potential for an administration active bubble. >> thank you commissioner moore. >> i support i want to support a continuance into january the holidays including the complete absent ever any material on this eir makes it hard to understand today we've heard the description but the document itself is pretty much avoid of any kind of more explicit delineation of what is proposed i also want to express or pit into my record the comments by the historic preservation they sent a letter all points in the letter are issues which i consider sufficient in the document and want to see them elevated i'm summarize with a little bit more time the rest of
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my objections in writing. >> commissioner richards. >> i guess i have a question for staff mr. jones and ms. hester talked about this it is this different from the projects we've looked at here. >> commissioner richards for the purposes of this hearing we shouldn't are a back and forth they'll respond in writing and that's one question the other thing i support i don't know if it's legal or not we need to get real when we talk about affordable housing we're talking about creating affordable units how can we not talk about that without talking about people that are being displaced we needed need to get real about the nonprofits spaces this is going to be you know a great fabulous project in angle area
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it's traditionally been low income so you what is going to happen to the people and on the open space i have a concern about the fifth floor being considered an open space i asked the developer how it works in the united states i said tell me about one globally i can't see myself urging the open space i agree with the childcare i want to see the area plan maps and i have a question why when a wasn't this in an area plan i support commissioner moore's 0 estimation to january 2015 i like the fact that prop k should be mentioned this was mentioned after this was written and any material changes i support what the gentleman said about having the contingency
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came back and comment one other thing i don't know if this is project related i am concerned about the folks on the chef ton and the building next door i find is hard to believe last week they've harder about this project i talked to administrative review where else have we been p there on pine street a tiny hotdog stand on the neighborhood how they treated it they two or three lots oh, they moved to and he actually looked at that as mr. project sponsor it looks kind of out of place thank you. >> on the question of how long if the denim period should be extended i came into this hearing thinking it should be a
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60 day period but hearing where the community is coming from and the requests the president of the potrero hill project is being expended until january 7th i think that would be a date i norman want to do something that has precedence so normally we'll stick to the 45 or 60 but the holidays is challenging so i'll throw that awe out and see what other commissioners think on some of the questions what is appropriate in an eir or not eir i know that the law regional connect our that talked about the eir so i'll ask the project sponsor and with respect to how much housing costs or how much they're facing paying naint may not be an environmental issue
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but the eir is. >> commissioner antonini. >> you're suggesting the comment to january 7th i'll support that i think that gives a longs period for comments and extends after the holidays. >> i'm clarify the 45 days or 46 days acknowledging took us to december 1st. >> so january 7th makes it another thirty or 40 days or something. >> right. >> the commission is looking for an 80 day comment period on this. >> that's okay. >> commissioner johnson. >> my apologies
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i honestly think that we're - having dealt with this before with an eir and the holiday period i have so much going on and potrero hill is pushed to january 7th. >> there's no hearing it's a comment period not an additional hearing for this period it's only the comment period and so do we have to have the citation. >> maybe the certification will come in the second quarter depends on. >> commissioner moore. >> i want to see an u brief i cannot agenda for forms and diagrams to be submitted so we can respond to all the points.
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>> okay i believe that's the end of the public hearing the excision will take a 20 minute break. >> the environmental staff wanted to comment i believe. >> well can i first ask the planning staff articulate the day of the comment period so we can have it. >> i believe the commissioner mentioned january 7th as a date. >> good afternoon welcome to the to the san francisco planning commission regular hearing for november 20, 2014, i would like to remind that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind please silence all electronic devices. that may so i have had and and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. commissioners we left off under our regular calendar for case
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planning code amendments relating to the article two and make non-substantive changes to simplify code changes on october 23rd after hearing the public comment they continued the meeting commissioner johnson and commissioner fong voted against and commissioner moore we were absent that day you have to say you've listened to the hearing. >> yes. i did thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners aaron starr this is an ordinance that all the times the planning code we organize article two to organize the control tangible and make on the now and then substantive changes in order to simplify the
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code language i introduce it 18 months ago i brought the proposals back or to remind you us where we've come from and where we're going i have the zoning code and zoning map for the entire city from 1946 tapes 4 pages and the rest is the map i'm going to pass it around for you. >> next is the planning code from the 1970s slightly larger probably about 2 hundred or 3 hundred pages and this is the code today it is 3 vitamins i'm not going
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to pass this one around so the point is the code has grown not only in size but in complexity over the last 60 or 70 years the idea to reorganize it has been around since the 1980s article 7 may use the zoning control tables that is the land use and standards and involves controls in one table that outlines the semibasis for every zoning article on the other hand, listed the uses whether their permitted and has the definition and requires some defines be repeated multiple times the department thblz is a friendly was to introduce one of the main
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components to reroach those with the zoning control tables found in zoning seven and eight and into one section the of cod have all the planning code referenced with one category one set of dissensions are district and one for pdr and one for definitions for south of market and chinatown that i the ordinance removes the c m zoning as a shred distribute and the last remaining parcel is in the process of being rezoned it moves throughout the board process this is phase one of a 3 phase process if this is
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approved by the board of supervisors the next two phases will amend those to the concentration throughout the process staff refinances the ordinance as has made a significant modifications the modification can be found in our case packet. >> b and as part find staffs recommendations most of the recommendations in the recent staff report came out of our fine arts meeting on april 10th staff would have coordinated those but not enough time therefore they're asking us to include those the outreach meeting was productive and staff appreciates the recommendations that the pub made in suggesting constructive modifications sdmifz was able to attend the
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meeting and provided helpful comments with one modification he it's been requested we remove the word variance as to not confuse that with what a variance is in the code it makes sense by removing that one word so i ask you to include that in our recommendations today, we're asking you to remedy the approval with the modifications to the board of supervisors that concludes my manger thank you very much for your attendance. >> okay open for public comment since eave heard this any time we'll limit public comment to 2 minutes please line up on the scene side of the room (calling names). >> >> good afternoon again commissioners i'm jennifer again for spur as
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an vocabulary for go government we ask you to adapt this this is one of 3 plan phases the modifications to follow the organization and concentration in drafting this ordinance takes a great step to help practitioners and the public to engagement in the 0 process we appreciate it being referenced in one place and it is splilg i shrinking to one hundred and 16 zoning control tackles is a decision that is more user friendly we applaud the staff and liveable city and we hope you'll move forward with the two phases of the organization as rapid low as possible thank you. >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon 56 seconds good afternoon, commissioners rose with the coalition for neighborhood obviously i'm not paul weber we appreciate the planning san francisco transportation authority finance committee for a productive meeting which includes the statement that was referred to the zoning control table it 0 contains a brief summary that appears in the zoning code with the consistency so i appreciate that and the agreement for the tax changes for the rfp height limits including the residential guidelines and changes the words and we ask you, please adapt the staff recommendations thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm you paul weber i'm here on behalf of telegraph hill first of all, 42 thank you for your extension it was a productive time period and we were able to collect a number of associations we worked with together putting a letter together with for the staff and had a productive meeting with the staff and are satisfied that the relatives we mentioned had o this it would be a good idea for the staff to come back with how we're doing with the changes in the months to a year and the obvious i observe areas it would be important for the staff to update how it's being received and how it is working but again, thank you very much and we are also in support of amendment thank you as the next speaker comes up
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i'll call for names (calling names). >> commissioners greg scott patrick heights association i want to commend the planning commission and planning department staff for the collaborative effort in giving us the mind to work and give ours input into what is being asked for approval together and thank you to commissioner hillis for attending it was extremely productive and hopefully, this will help us to all work together with a positive tune i appreciate it thank you very much thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm charlotte patrick heights association i support what greg scott just said i want to thank you for initiating this process mr. and mrs. your planner aaron starr he was fine
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and we appreciated his work with us so i thank you all very much i would like to suggest you've heard maybe within a year or so you would review this subject to make sure it's working well and if problems come back and work on the problems or whatever comes up, you can't tell me what might happen we ask you consider that as part of our resolution. >> thank you. >> i'm barbara graham from the lower patrick heights neighborhood i want to personally thank all of you for having given us the extra 4 weeks at the last meeting it was very prouf used and i also want to thank aaron starr and the planning staff for a collaborative meeting it was a
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model for the way we would like to move forward to give input to you all as well as to the planning department and i also wanted to acknowledge commissioner hilliss participation in the meeting that we had with the planning department so this is really a great start for moving forward with the consolidation and the simplification i'd like to undermine the vail of unintended consequences being reviewed in the at the end of a year or so thank you very much for your support for the community. >> thank you gadget planning commission members i'm jeff wood i'm just
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go back to repeat same compliments from the other speakers we very much appreciate the extension you gave the neighborhoods and public to make comments and understand better the changes that were proposed in the amendment and it's been very productive i know i want to thank mr. star and his staff it's a pretty daunting task they did a pretty great job and looking forward to working with them in the future. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm the chair of the neighborhood housing committee first of all, i want to thank the commission for scheduling or having scheduled this meeting but the neighbors and the
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planning staff that goes gives us more confidence you folks are listening to us and it was a very productive meeting so i'm glad some of the terminology was changed most importantly it was generally no higher than that was taken out and glad to see the staff haven't seen you for a while (laughter) and i don't know how you guys do it those meetings are very long i only waited 3 and a half hours but you guys are doing a job i by the way, the san francisco neighbors are over a nation of over 40 neighborhoods i having
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happy to be from richmond. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment. >> good afternoon marching aim also with the coalition of san francisco neighborhoods and i also wanted to thank you for granting the continuous and allowing the public time to review the language and vet our concerns we appreciate your help and assistance and recognizing the neighborhood groups and giving you our representatives a voice in the perspective progress we hope you'll continue to work with us in the future thank you thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is john i was very interested to see the history of the development of
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the ordinance and coming from 940 with a couple of pages and i just then would like to just have you think of the before there was 4 pages approximately no ordinance and this was on the city today, i look at all those buildings and downtown that were built before 1940 the housing that was built in 1940 look at the middle-class that was in the city at a time and ask yours after we've development all the procedures which in the development rights twoeo


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